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You´ve got your Future with real Nano Carbon Technology

Siddarmark has been established to organize challenging and innovative manufactures in order to materialize nano carbon technologies for the market places.


We provide the genuine and real applications to satisfy the customers. Seeking the further growth, we are looking for collaborative and fundraising partners.

  1. Establish business with active corporations, inventors, and/or investors by introducing nano carbon technologies developed by Siddarmark group manufacturers whose technologies are ready to go in market places.
  2. Organize and coordinate those individual technologies to the integrated and sophisticated packages with which customers can materialize their dream to the real product in the field of virtual reality, innovative sensing, and humanoid.
  3. Make our lives more ecological and convenient without extra energy and resource consumption.
  4. Accelerate collaboration of Siddarmark group companies with institutes, ventures, and the collaborative companies over the world.
  5. Count on fair rewards to Siddarmark group companies and their employees.

CNT Sensor and E-Hospital

We have introduced the world´s first biological vital sensor chip made from CNT yarns. The sensor chip can red flag early warning signs to prevent heart attack. In emergencies our sensor can capture EEG signal and transmit it to a computer, thereby avoiding many worst-case scenarios. Watch this video to see why the Siddarmark sensor is unique. For us the time has come to to develop partnerships that can cultivate new opportunities to apply our sensor technology.

Business Style and Marketing Policy

Siddarmark is an exclusive sales agent for the group products. We, on one hand, supervise our group of manufacturers and give an advice technically and commercially. Using Siddarmark’s sophisticated network over the world, we find appropriate specialists / institute to commercialize carbon nanotechnologies without losing the business occasions.

Furthermore, to accomplish the successful innovation, we integrate those resources into a team in order to solve an issue; often, we seek and integrate our technologies into a new product. What we can achieve is, for example, to combine carbon fiber cloth and CNT composite. To us, it is quite essential to develop a value chain for the technology and manufacturing capabilities prior to the product development. This is the unique approach to commercialize nano carbon technologies.

On the other hand, Siddarmark do not intend to enclose our asset by ourselves. Rather, we seek collaborations, M&A’s, and Buy-Out our technologies with good partners. Since nano carbon products often require a new approach, it is necessary to have cooperation beyond business and R&D sectors, Siddarmark is looking for new opportunities as the control tower.

Siddarmark also own the unique capability in which we have specialists on nano safety and law. This is beneficial to our customers because the customers not only access to our technologies and products but also can obtain the appropriate advices on nano materials globally.


Prototype example

A good example is one of our prototypes, the heart pulse monitor. Our carbon nano tube, CNT, woven cloth detects heartbeat pulse and nerve signal with high sensitivity. We are looking for a partner to produce the software and medical device that can maximize our new sensing system.


Heart Pulse Monitor

  • Wearable Sensor Series

    What Siddarmark establishes as of today is CNT sensors, homogeneous dispersion of CNTs such as ink and plastic composite. Those new products make people’s “Dreams Come True”. Find more information about our Sensors right here. CNT wearable respiration sensor (or Breathing Motion Sensor) The sonsor is developed as an application…

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  • CNT Flat Surface Heater (HeatNex®)

    HeatNex® provides you the intrinsic and perfectly flat surface heater. HeatNex® is a paint heater made of the newly developed aqueous CNT ink that does not include a particle or blurring in printing.

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  • Strain and Chemical CNT Sensor

    Our CNT yarn has low electrical resistance at the same level as metal, specific strength exceeding carbon fiber, and has high-speed motion response sensing properties.

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  • Carbon Fiber Glued Press

    CF cloths are glued with thermoplastic resin and fabricated by mechanical press. It is flexible and durable without brittleness. The process cycle time is within 5 minutes.

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  • CNT Resin Composite

    Homogeneous CNT resin composite enables to fabricate precision parts by injection molding. The composite shows metal-like performance without dust in molding or use. It can be fabricated using the current molds for glass-reinforced resin without any modification. Anisotropic crack does not occur.

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  • Electrical Copper-plated CNT Yarn

    We successfully developed electrical copper-plated CNT yarn that is fabricated using conventional copper-plated processing. The plated copper is durable in the electron beam bombardment test.

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  • Advanex CNT Heater

    Homogeneous aqueous CNT ink is available for printers. The ink can be used for flat & 3D surface heater as paint heater (HEATNEX®). The heater´s been tested as a traffic signal cover by the police in Japan: opaque & transparent. The latter type is good for surveillance camera covers in all weather.

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  • Aqueous Ink

    MoriBlack® Is easy-to-use and an environmental friendly product with CNTs. It offers the darkest Aqueous CNT Ink, ever. And shows smooth finish without a lump, grains, wrincles, or crevices.

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  • DWCNT Sheets for Artificial Muscle

    Siddarmark offers the SugiKuro® DWCNT sheets for the muscle development, which will accelerate artificial muscle technology in the near future.

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