CNT Flat Surface Heater

New applications for cooking and agriculture

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CNT Flat Surface Heater (HeatNex®)

HeatNex® provides you the intrinsic and perfectly flat surface heater, which gives you a new and sensational experience.


HeatNex® is a paint heater made of the newly developed aqueous CNT ink that does not include a particle or blurring in printing. As the pure CNT flat surface heater brings its unique heating patterns, the users can design their favorite heating patterns. With its advanced electrode connecting technology, HeatNex® gives you a sensational experience of the true flat surface heating. There are two types of HeatNex® heaters: low (~ 120℃) and high (~ 300℃) temperature models. The former is made from PET film and the latter polyamide one. Furthermore, a transparent type is available.

As a heater, HeatNex® consumes less energy than conventional heaters by 20% more or less. In addition, it is prepared that thin and flexible film heater, which allows equipment and machine designers a lot of opportunities.

Figure 1: A thermograph picture of a dot pattern heater of HeatNex®. Those circles are empty holes on the flat surface heater. The picture shows that HeatNex® heating profile is not the same as that of a metal plate. The heterogeneous heating pattern will be available, if necessary.

High-Temperature Heater

High-Temperature HeatNex® can be heated up to 350°C with 1mm or less thickness, though the recommended specification is at 300°C. One can watch the demonstration movie as follows: It goes up to 344°C within 30 seconds (Movie 1).

Since HeatNex® can provide homogenous surface heating with the thin and flat sheet, it allows significant design changes conventional machines and heat exchangers. Already several machinery companies challenge to modify their conventional machine designs using HeatNex®.

Movie 1, the high-temperature heater is demonstrated. The substrate is a polyimide film.

Figure 2: Far infrared radiation from HeatNex® in comparison with the reference black body. The temperature was kept at 50°C.

Far Infrared Radiation from HeatNex®

HeatNex® radiates far infrared radiation by 90% and higher, as shown in Figure2. It was kept at 50°C during the measurement. It exhibits that HeatNex® is real black matter such as pyrolyzed carbon black. The unique performance has been applied to food processing business field, as the infrared radiation brings ideal cooking for root crops such as sweet potatoes. In addition, the flat surface heater is ideal to cook flat shape food such as Pizza and halibut.

As infrared behaves like a radio wave, the performance is enhanced inside mirror type metal containers. Depending on the cooker design, the electricity can be utilized to cook that food with the minimum loss. In Asia, various food warmers are popular at convenience and grocery stores, although the energy consumption and their occupying spaces are headaches among those stores due to the conventional heating devices.

Then, several manufacturers are very keen to apply HeatNex® to designing compact and energy efficient equipment.

Agricultural Applications

Hydroponic culture becomes a major method among horticultural agriculture such as strawberry, melon, tomato, etc. The conventional whole heating in greenhouses results in high energy consumption. It requires the farmers to make their efforts to monitor all day long because the air temperature has to be controlled along with the outside temperature change.

The new projects with HeatNex® stimulate to switch to the partial heating of water gutters or plant roots since it is easily provided reliable and compact flat surface heating. HeatNex® is an ideal heater for the purpose and semi-commercialized in strawberry greenhouses in Japan. It brings opportunities to the farmers who have been giving up strawberry business till recently, allowing all-year-round strawberry cultivation in cold regions.

A Japanese Police Department tested it for Traffic Signals

HeatNex® has been tested for traffic signal covers to remove snow and ice in the field. It is equipped HeatNex® transparent type heater. It shows a superb performance, while it meets with the technical regulation for the traffic signal light cover in Japan.

Movie 2: A heater for traffic signal.