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CNT Resin Composite

CNT Nylon Composite for Injection Molding

A new CNT-Nylon composite is introduced for injection molding. The (Left) and a few mm diameters of gears for precision equipment such as cameras.


At present, only the glass fiber reinforced Nylon is the material which is good for such precision gear. However, glass powder is generated during molding and assembling processes of the gear into cameras. It results that the working environment is hazardous.

The manufacturers struggle with glass powder inhalation exposure and prevention of skin adhesion. Also, as the glass fiber is thick, the surface becomes rough and may cause fracture in use.

The surface finish of CNT Nylon is so beautiful that there is almost no dust. It is also antistatic. Since resin gears are mostly used for precision instruments, the new CNT Nylon solves the problem.

Product description:  CNT resin composite: Calabion®series

Calabion was developed after the more than 200 challenges to make CNT resin composites using Mitsui MWNT-7 of MWCNTs. Instead of using acid treatment of CNT surface, Clabion is made with a small amount additives of well-known chemicals. It is because the acid treatment induces negative effect to the mixed composite after a while. Thus, Calabion is durable and stable, while it can be applied to injection mold processing. Comparing to Glass-reinforced resins, Calabion does not generate glass dust during injection-molding process or in use. It is a merit for molding manufacturers and the product users.

Particularly, Clabion N-30, CNT(3%) – Nylon66 composite gives many kinds of possibilities for users; the mechanical performance can be adjusted by heat treatment methods.


Calabion is supplied as pellet.


Siddarmark will supply the CNT Nylon composite as pellet. Also, CNT PE, or CNT PP composite will be supplied. Please contact us.


ADVANEX will enter the carbon nanotube business

ADVANEX press-released its HeatNex® on 22 June, 2017, in Nikkei Sangyo Shibun (Nikkei Biz_Daily). The following article is the abstract translated using Google Translator.  Also the article suggests ADVANEX will develop CNT composite for 3D printer ink.

Advanex enters the carbon nanotube business First of all, highly efficient heater

Advanex, a precision spring maker, will enter the carbon nanotube (CNT) business. First we developed a highly efficient heater using CNT. It can be used for heat sources in a wide range of fields such as transportation and agriculture. In the future we will also develop high-strength composite materials and others. The company is increasing the proportion of parts for automobiles to sales, and I would like to develop the CNT business as a pillar of new profits.

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