SugiKuro® DWCNT for Robots

Accelerates artificial muscle technology

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DWCNT Sheets for Artificial Muscle

Robotics are exciting technology to help human being. At present, the power source is a combination of a motor and gear drive(s) that are heavy and bulky.


On the other hand, natural muscle is fiber assembly of myofibrils (one to two micro meters diameter) consisting of protein fibers (actin and myosin filaments). The myofibrils form a 10 to 100 micron diameter muscle fiber. The muscle consists of bundles of the muscle fibers that only contract by 20 % in length approximately. If one can provide the similar fibers, an artificial muscle might be realized. Siddarmark offers the Sugikuro® DWCNT yarns for the muscle development with/without polymer yarns, which accelerates artificial muscle technology in the near future.

The sensor has been adopted by the National Institute of Health Science Japan as a new biological sensor to develop the next generation method to evaluate acute toxicity.


Sugikuro® DWCNT Yarns offer:

  • Highly crystalized double-walled/ triple-walled carbon nanotube yarns
  • Soft, flexible, and durable
  • Electric resistance is up to 105 S/m
  • This is designed for product development. The detail must be inquired to Siddarmark, LLC.

CNT pull out from substrait SEM picture

Sugikuro® DWCNT Yarns for Artificial Muscle

Sugikuro® DWCNT Yarns for artificial muscle are developed from VA DWCNT array that is manufactured by SNCT, LLC., an affiliate of Sugita Densen, Co., Ltd., using the seed technology developed by Okayama University in Japan. The process technology was established by SNCT.

University of Texas at Dallas developed and reported artificial muscle using aligned multi-walled CNTs, in 2009; However, no commercial manufacturer offered such a high quality CNT yarn until Sugikuro® DWCNT Yarns for Artificial Muscle were introduced in electric commerce place.

Artificial muscle lab demonstration

The Sugikuro® DWCNT Yarns are made by 100% dry process. The CNT length and diameter are almost homogeneous. These superb characteristics bring the consistent performance.

Sugikuro® DWCNT Yarns are supplied  as wound into a bobbin. This product is the first product commercially so that the users must ask Siddarmark, LLC what he or she would like to have. To avoid any biological troubles, it is recommended to prepare appropriate facility and equipment recommended by National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety in the United States of America.

Sugikuro® DWCNT Yarns are manufactured by SNCT, LLC, Saitama, Japan. The patents are applied.

Strechable strain sensors made from CNT


Siddarmark LLC. provides  SugiKuro® DWCNT Sheet for Artificial Muscle at the reasonable price.
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