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Wearable Sensor Series

What Siddarmark establishes as of today is CNT sensors, homogeneous dispersion of CNTs such as ink and plastic composite. Those new products make people’s “Dreams Come True”.

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CNT wearable respiration sensor (or Breathing Motion Sensor)

The sonsor is developed as an application of CNT strain sensor with CNT yarn manufacturing technology.

✔ The respiratory sensor can detect the breathing motions such as deep and shallow, normal and
hyperpnea, and those motion curves in precise.
✔ The motion is detected by woven and flexible CNT sensor tape: the minimum threshold of elongation
is 2 mm.
✔ A newly designed amplifier transmits the wave signals to the attached tablet and a PC via WiFi.
✔ As the rechargeable battery lasts long more than 24 hours, the respiratory condition can be
continuously monitored.
✔ The easy-to-use and quick-fit wide fabric belt with Velcro tape make it simplified your daily use.
✔ The sensor can be attached over clothes.
✔ Respiratory condition can be immediately monitored in the attached tablet display.
✔ Full water proof type is under development.

Medical sites want to monitor respiratory condition in an easy and reliable way.

When a patient’s condition takes a sudden turn for the worse, its life-saving rate is less than 20% even in hospitals. According to medical articles, respiratory changes mean those sudden turns prior to their occurrence. This suggests that continuous breathing motion monitoring saves patients’ lives significantly.

􀀀 PRACTICE at HOSPITAL after COVID-19 pandemic
Wristwatch use is prohibited among nurses after the COVID-19 pandemic because the wristwatch has been verified as one of the major virus transmission sources of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, daily report on respiratory frequency to doctors is omitted, and then it becomes difficult for doctors to find the early symptom changes.

Similarly, respiratory frequency is not reported to ER from the ambulance service as a patient is often put on face masks to avoid unwilling Covid-19 infection. It makes ER doctors difficult to prepare emergency treatment upon arrival. A Japanese famous ER doctor insists that respiratory condition is the most want-to-know matter first at ER.

A digital breathing motion monitor had not been developed before Siddarmark’s breathing motion sensor; The conventional equipment just detects inhale/ exhale timing. Rather, it is eager to require to have a digital and 24 hours equipment that records deep/shallow, and hopefully respiratory curve drawings. Siddarmark’s breathing motion sensor enables to predict a sudden change as an experienced doctor can judge a patient’s condition through his/her respiratory condition.

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