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Siddamark is promoting nano technologies and industrialization among small and medium size enterprises

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About us

Company: Siddarmark, LLC

Masaharu Iwamoto, CEO



After graduated from school of law (BSc), dealt with battery chemicals and ceramic capacitor in a Japanese general trading company
1990 Manager of a chemical manufacturer, in London, UK
1996 Manager in Beijing, China
2001 General manager of new business section and pigments div.
2007 General manager/ director of a chemical manufacturer for semiconductor in Singapore
2010 Field research officer in Chemical Frontier Field Div.
2012 Senior field researcher in Solar Business Div.
2015 Established and founded Siddarmark LLC



Siddamark, LLC

Siddarmark, LLC is an organizer and business window to accelerate nanocarbon technologies and their applications by Japanese innovative manufacturers. We intend to innovate the products such as electrical cables, sensors, carbon fiber applications, and conductive inks to offer material-based new technologies that occurs paradigm shift of quality of daily our lives. In those fields, of course, many efforts have been made; however, any commercialized technology has not been significantly launched into market places. We challenged against it and gotten over those technical difficulties with combination of uncovered seed technologies and the excellent manufacturing technologies in Japan. Our superior match making capability of technology and business has provided the industrialized product and technologies: carbon nanotube (CNT) yarn, textile sensors woven with CNT yarn, carbon fiber glued press® (CFGP®), CNT ink, and so on.

The founder, Masaharu Iwamoto worked for Mitsui, Co. Ltd., for decades. Mitsui is one of the largest trading houses in Japan and used to invest to nano technologies in the early 2000. He learned what nano technology business hold intrinsic difficulties, and wanted to broke the situation. Using his experience and knowledge in the business over the world, Siddarmark was established in 2014 to contribute to the society with nano carbon business. In addition, good technology specialists collaboratively support Siddarmarks daily activities to design the business with nano carbons.

Siddarmark offers intermediate materials and the fabrication methods to manufacturer those applied products, while the necessary value chains are constructed based on his experience and the collaborator’s suggestions. Furthermore, Siddarmark has the international class collaborators in the field of law and nano safety, so that our customers could have good advice about regulatory approach, safety information, export matters, and avoiding the future litigation, Siddarmark products.

We believe that our customers become the major players in the many market.

Our Business Model & Our Policy

Siddarmark is an exclusive sales agent for the group products. We, on one hand, supervise our group of manufacturers and give an advice technically and commercially. Using Siddarmark sophisticated network in the world, whenever it is necessary to us, we can find appropriate specialists / institute to commercialize carbon nanotechnologies without losing the business occasions. Furthermore, to achieve the successful innovation, we integrate those resources into a team in order to solve an issue; often, we seek and integrate our technologies for those new products. For example, the technology proposed by a third party is fused with our own capability to industrially make electrically copper-plated CNT yarn. To us, it is quite essential to develop a value chain for the technology and manufacturing capabilities prior to the product development. This is the unique approach to commercialize nano carbon technologies.

On the other hand, Siddarmark do not intend to enclose our asset by ourselves. Rather, we seek collaborations or opportunities of M&A’s/Buy-Out of our technologies with good partners. Since nano carbon products often require a new approach, it is necessary to have cooperation beyond business and R&D sectors, Siddarmark is looking for new opportunities as the control tower.

Siddarmark also owns the unique capability in which we have specialists on nano safety and law. This is beneficial to our customers because the customers not only access to our technologies and products but also can obtain the appropriate advices on nano materials about safety and avoiding litigation globally.

We believe that our products and technologies are beneficial to our innovative customers.

We respond to your questions and inquires about our products and enterprises sincerely and spontaneously.
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