MoriBlack® aqueous CNT ink

Provides extraordinary smooth painted and printed surface

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Aqueous Ink

MoriBlack® Is easy-to-use and an environmental friendly product with CNTs. It offers the darkest Aqueous CNT Ink, ever.  And shows smooth finish without a lump, grains, wrincles, or crevices.


MoriBlack® offers:

  • The darkest Aqueous CNT Ink, ever.
  • Easy to apply to any surface by spray, print, coating, etc.
  • No volatile included.
  • Smooth finish without a lump, grains, wrincles, or crevices.
  • Temperature resist.
  • Electrically conductive*
  • MoriBlack Offers EMS shield 40 dB and more by painting. As this performance is controlled under Japanese Export Control Law and US EAR, please contact us about detail.

* Electrical heater applications can not be applied: The detail can be found in here: ADVANEX CNT HEATER with Siddarmark.

 All inquiries should be made to Siddarmark, LLC.
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With MoriBlack®  work environment can be controlled

MoriBlack® was developed as aqueous CNT ink/ paint. As of today, many kinds of CNT inks have been developed and proposed; however, all of them are organic solvent base or aqueous base with lumps and/ or grains caused by CNT agglomerations. MoriBlack® was developed as inhomogeneous paint/ ink without CNT agglomerations. MoriBlack®  provides extraordinary smooth painted and printed surface on any surface including grass, paper, metal and plastics (except PP). The CNT weight ratio after drying is higher than 50% and adjustable.

MoriBlack® is an easy-to-use product because it can be applied with spray, print, blade coating, etc. Often, non aqueous base ink/ paint needs sprayers, which emerges low production efficiency and health concerns with CNTs and solvent. Even though using sprayers, MoriBlack® does not generate floating dust of CNTs because CNTs are emulsified homogeneously. Also, MoriBlack® uses CNT authorized by US EPA’s TASC. Thus, the users can control their work environment appropriately.

MoriBlack®  is developed using the CNT dispersion technology developed by Prof. B. Fugetsu at Hokkaido University, in Japan (Patented in PCT). The aqueous solution is pH neutral so that the post-chemical effect hardly occurs, or substrates are not damaged. The ink is manufactured by Taiyo Toryo Co. Ltd., Tokyo Japan. The optical absorbance is 99.3 % and higher (The number depends on the applications).