Advanex CNT - Paper and Paint Heater

The performance is excellent. The temperature reaches the target one within 60 seconds.

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Advanex CNT Heater

MoriBlack® gives homogeneous and uniform paint finish without any lump, which brings us a stable and durable paper heater.

This technology is further integrated with substrates. The first paint heater will come to the market place, soon.


Product description

Paint heater or HEATNEX® is derived from the above CNT ink, in which is optimized to print on flat and 3D curved shape surfaces. It is different from the other CNT ink heaters, HEATNEX® is thoroughly designed and tested in terms of durability, homogeneous heating, connecting method to electrodes, and temperature drift during use. The highest temperature in use depends on the substrate; we offer the customers up to 400°C. The electricity consumption is the lowest among the flat surface heaters launched in the market place; a rechargeable battery can e used. Transparent and opaque types are available.

Applications tested by the customers

HEATNEX® traffic signal covers, both transparent and opaque types, have been tested by a local police department in Japan in three winter seasons. Those tests showed that HEATNEX® covers met with the technical regulation for the traffic signal light cover. In addition, the heater cover showed low energy consumption and high durability in the heavy snow climate. The other applications tested are:
Roll-to-roll heater sheet,
Baby milk warmer designed, which was driven by rechargeable battery.
Tabletop heaters for kitchen utensils.

High temperature heater

HeatNex® offers high temperature flat surface heaters at 350°C and higher. Until the heater was developed, there wasn’t such a high temperature flat surface heater. HeatNex® high temperature heater heats up from room temperature to 344°C within 30 seconds, and cooling down to room temperature within 40 seconds, as shown in the movie. Since HeatNex® can provide homogeneous surface heating with the thin and flat sheet, and heat up and cool down quickly, many of conventional heat exchangers and heat medium requiring complicated processes can be replaced to the simple flat sheet heater. The temperature can be adjusted from 60 through 350°C.

HeatNex® high temperature heater heats up from room temperature to 344°C within 30 seconds, and cooling down to room temperature within 40 seconds.


Far Infrared Radiation from HeatNex®

HeatNex® has high performance of far infrared radiation as shown in Figures 2A and 2B.

The measurement was conducted at Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center in Tokyo, Japan. The far infrared radiation referred with the blackbody, and was measured with FTIR (Perkin Elmer). The measurement temperature was kept at 50°C. Figures 2A and 2B exhibits that HeatNex® is almost blackbody and radiates far infrared very efficiently. This result brings that HeatNex® can give thermal energy to matters without touching on the heater. Foe example, lice in blanket and mattress can be killed effectively with heat and without chemicals. In addition, HeatNex® high temperature flat surface heater allows to cook food homogeneously. Metal does not have far infrared radiation capability at this level.

EMS print/paint with CNT ink

As a product extension, HEATNEX® has been tested its EMS performance. In the lower frequency ( < 1 GHz), the shield performance depends on the printing thickness after drying: 20 to 40 dB attenuation. High frequency of 64GHz is under the test.

ADVANEX CNT HEATER with MoriBlack® brought us:

  • Ultra thin and flexible flat surface heaters; all surface area is homogenesouly heated without a odd spot.
  • Ultra durable products without exfoliation of electrodes.
  • The lowest energy consumption ever.
  • No temperature drift during use.
  • Flexible design in shape is allowed; if neccesary, round shapes, even odd shapes are possiblly supplied.

Note: MorBlack for ADVANEX CNT HEATER was optimized for Advanex’s products.

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The heater itself is quite tough against physical force

ADVANEX press-released its HeatNex® on 22 June, 2017, in Nikkei Sangyo Shibun (Nikkei Biz_Daily). The following article is the abstract translated using Google Translator.  Also the article suggests ADVANEX will develop CNT composite for 3D printer ink.

The Paper and Paint heater were developed using CNT ink that is an aqueous ink without any lump of CNT agglomerations. As of today, many kinds of flat surface heaters were developed and proposed in the market place because a flat surface heater allows homogeneous temperature. However, all of them have their own drawbacks. The detail is shown in Table 1 and please find it.

The uniqueness of ADVANEX HeatNex® (The Paper and Print Heaters) is not only homogeneity of  flat surface heating but also the durability. The heater itself is quite tough against physical force but also durable climate changes, because HeatNex® do not use glue or sticky tape to attach the electrode on the heater surface. The electrodes are attached by Advanex’s metal-paper mount method. Repeated heating-cooling cycle brings elongation of the paper, ink, and electrodes, which causes exfoliation and separation of those materials. Getting rid of glue or sticky tapes, you do not need worry about such separation trouble during use. Furthermore, as the electrodes are made of newly developed copper alloy, the electrodes do not have any damage by force, even run over by a large lorry.

 Energy consumption can be reduced by 25%

The performance is extraordinary excellent. Without any electronic controller, the temperature reaches the target one within 60 seconds. If you use electronic controller, it is shorten less than 30 seconds without overshoot. Furthermore, the carbon nanotube ink gives amazing temperature stability. Since the CNT ink does not change the resistivity with a temperature change, HeatNex®does not have any temperature drift during use.  Once electrical voltage is determined, the temperature fixed. You will be able to have a precise temperature control without a complicated control equipment. In addition the most significant merit is that the energy consumption can be reduced by 25% in comparison with the conventional heaters.

Paint Heater is invented as “non-shaped heater”. Any 3D shape becomes a heater. The detail is coming soon.

HeatNex® is manufactured by Advanex Inc., Tokyo Japan.

HeatNex® is developed taking care of the Environmental & Health Safety. The CNTs used have a permission of industrial use by Environmental Agency in the United States of America.

CNT paint heater attached just to the left traffic light



A field test of HeatNex Paint Heater in a heavy snow region, Aomori in winter 2017. It is real time in which the Paper Heater is turned on at 30 W, snow drops down in a few minutes. It is part of the local official test for traffic signal heater.